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Upstream or downstream of it’s training projects, PACO also offers added value in the field of consulting.
Our consulting mission is situated on the strategic-conceptual, tactic-organisational and/or operational- implementation level.

Some of the domains we operate in are:

  • Strategic Sales & Marketing plan
  • Cultural Changes & Awareness Programmes
    • Quality & Company Culture
    • Mission, Vision & Values
    • Customer Care: auditing, complaint mgt system etc.
    • Empowerment
  • Management of Change

Some models of inspiration are:

  • 7S- model of Mc Kinsey
  • Change Components by PACO
  • Fishbone of Ishikawa
  • SWOT-analysis
  • Force Field analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Criteria Rating Form
  • Polarity Tool
  • Gantt chart

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