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PACO maintains a long-term partnership with VOKA (Vlaams Economisch Verbond and Chambers of Commerce). Throughout the years PACO has been asked to be their Guest Speaker, Trainer and Workshop Animator for over a hundred times.
PACO covers a broad spectrum of topics: such as Teambuilding, Empowerment, the Art of Delegation, Situational Leadership, the Art of Negotiating (inspiration Sun-Tzu), Change Management, working with Mission Vision and Values, handling various kinds of talks, developing a Business Plan, convincing with Metaphors, Body Language in Sales, Winning Letters, Telephone Prospecting, Commercial Presentations, Winning Offers, Price Negotiation, from farmer to hunter, selling at the booth, working in various commercial styles, psycho in Sales, how to win Sales time, Emotional Intelligence in sales, how to manage Effective Sales Meetings, the Professional Buyer, workshop Price Negotiation for buyers and sellers, Assertive Communication, win one hour a day, Effective Meetings, Presentation Skills, Train the trainer, Complaint Management, how to achieve Customer Satisfaction, how to audit Customer Satisfaction, Problem Solving, how to manage polarities, how to sell more in my shop.


Recently PACO has started as lecturer on “Leadership & Empowerment” at the Vlerick school, the Autonomous Management School of the university of Ghent and the Catholic University of Leuven.


PACO has developed a long-term partnership with Amelior (training organisation). PACO provides training in the areas of Change Management and Effective Buying Skills


Since 1993 PACO has been an active member of the VOV (Vlaamse Opleidingsverantwoordelijken) , the largest Flemish Association of Trainers & Developers .

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