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Quality Control Paco


PACO adheres to the general guidelines of the European Foundation For Quality Management emphasising the module of customer results. PACO ensures quality as shown below:

By thorough preparation and a clear response to a customer’s needs:
a customer’s needs are our starting point: based on a survey or intake interviews the needs are inventoried

    1. By giving a fully detailed price quotation:
      there is no room for “suppositions and interpretations”
    2. By checking whether all criteria for successful change are present:
      before starting a training cycle it is important that all conditions to ensure successful change be present
    3. By delivering on the job training
      PACO follows Kolb’s methodology
    4. By closely monitoring the progress in regularly scheduled meetings:
      informing the customer on the state of affairs of the training or consultancy cycle allows for flexibility and adaptability during the process.
    5. By evaluation:
      every training cycle is evaluated by the participants themselves *since it’s creation in 1991 all of PACO’s training and consultancy has been rated as “good” to “excellent” on a scale of “Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory”
    6. By completion:
      debriefing to the commissioning customer with possible future recommendations discussion of the participants’ evaluations
    7. By follow up & transparent billing:
      possibility to add follow-up and after-training support clear billing