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PACO strives for long-term partnership with it’s customers. The key values in this relationship will be:

Added value

PACO only accepts partnerships if we can add value to your company through our services. Therefore we have chosen the dragon as our logo. Thanks to the fire in its stomach a dragon never sleeps and is the best guard of wealth. Since human capital is your company's most valuable resource, PACO will be the dragon protecting your human capital and making sure your employees and workers peak through training & consultancy.


PACO only agrees to participate in projects where there is a win-win situation. Most of the time, made-to-measure work will guarantee results.
Therefore we need to work with you as a partner and open communication is the rule of thumb. Wherever possible, we ensure you get a good return on your investments.


This has always been the leitmotiv for even the smallest action Paco undertakes. Quality means that we provide training and consultancy that match your company’s needs. Thus we can state first-class references.


PACO only accepts participation in projects that allow us to work in accordance with local laws and regulations. We follow the values of your company and guarantee that all information obtained is kept strictly confidential. We respect your workers and try to enrich their multiplicity of ideas.


PACO only participates in projects where laughter and joy are to be found

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