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Persuasive communication is built on 4 pillars: usage of rhetoric, dialectic, didactics and metaphors.
If you want to convince your audience, your customer, or your co-worker faster, use a metaphor, a one- liner, a proverb, an image, a saying and you will immediately observe the effect. Metaphors do not act on our Cartesian logic thinking. They work on a deeper level, on our emotions. Metaphors are normative, eye-catchers and generally perceived as “common sense”, de facto the standard. On top of that metaphors provides a global image and are easy to remember.
PACO uses metaphors in training to help convince participants more rapidly when they resist new topics, points of view and changes.

PACO also organises training on how to convince with metaphors.
PACO can offer you some convincing examples of when and where to use metaphors.

J F Kennedy
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