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buying skills
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objective   To improve the buying knowledge and skills of B2B purchasers
target group Buyers, purchasers, sales people who want to “hear the other side of the story”

What are the 5 buyer’s communication styles?

Assessment of my buyer’s communication style

How to react to different sales communication styles?

How to adapt my buyer’s communication style during the different stages of negotiation?

How to adapt my buyer’s communication style in situations such as monopoly, main supplier, urgency, repetitive versus one-time purchase, DMU (decision making unit) etc.

What sales communication style benefits me most?

When to use the Icarus-syndrome and other buying tricks?

What are my selection criteria?

What are essential versus accessory, personal versus business, exclusive versus additional, emotional versus rational buying needs?

How to anticipate and perceive “commercial tricks”

How to handle “exchange” and other techniques to obtain additional advantages?

Set-up and use of a personal checklist

duration 1 to 2 days


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