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Change management
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objective   To acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully lead/participate (in) the implementation of change
target group All managers, team leaders, IT-project managers, consultants & co-workers who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in successfully managing change
topics Introduction

Living with paradigms
What are the 6 different levels of change in an organization

The change process

  • What are the six steps of a changing process?
  • What are the reactions to change you are confronted with?
  • What is the origin of resistance towards change?
  • What’s the role of the manager in all steps of a changing process?

The relation of motivation versus effectiveness during the implementation of a change

Components & checklist

What are the six components required for successful implementation of a change?
Checklist of the critical factors for success

duration 1 day


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sales skills
buying skills
telephone skills
communication skills
presentation skills
effective meetings
time management
team building
leadership and empowerment
change management
negotiating skills
complaint management
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