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communication skills
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objective   To improve the effectiveness of communication through the improvement of communication skills
target group All employees who wish to improve the effectiveness of their communicatio

What are the basic components of the communication cycle?

  • Positive mindset, questioning, use of feedback, listening, empathy
  • How to avoid wrong assumptions?

Assessment of my personal communication style

What are some cultural differences in communication?

Non-verbal communication:

  • What does body language tell us?

How can I positively influence the communication climate?

  • Advantages of mirroring, kiss, visualising words, permissive environment

How and where to sit in face to face communication, in meetings ?

How to be assertive?

  • differences between assertiveness and aggression
  • usage of the NDESC-model

A variety of situations with their typical communication scripts

  • receiving a compliment
  • ending a conversation
  • leading a critical discussion
  • admitting a mistake
  • delegating
  • having a first meeting with somebody
  • handling a complaint

Working with the 14 interactive skills

  • Exercises on proposing, clarifying and reacting


  • suggested by trainees
duration 2 days


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