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complaint management
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objective   To improve the effectiveness of complaint management through the improvement of complaint management skills and handling
target group All employees wishing to improve their knowledge and skills related to complaining customers

What is a complaint?

What is the relation between quality and a complaint?

What is the cost of a complaint?

What are the basic skills in complaint management?

How to be assertive?

differences between assertiveness and aggression
usage of the NDESC-model

10 steps in complaint handling

How to handle

telephone complaints
face-to-face complaints
written complaints?

How can I positively influence the communication climate?

Advantages of positive mindset, empathy, mirroring, kiss, visualising words, permissive environment

Set up of complaint management process and procedures

Auditing of complaint management:

When is a customer satisfied about my complaint management?


provided by attendees

duration 2 days


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sales skills
buying skills
telephone skills
communication skills
presentation skills
effective meetings
time management
team building
leadership and empowerment
change management
negotiating skills
complaint management
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