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leadership & empowerment
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objective   To acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead people towards qualitative and quantitative objectives.
To know how to empower co-workers
target group Managers, team leaders, project leaders

Practising the business game “ On the road to … “?

Assessment of my leadership style and professional preferences

  • How to manage people ?
  • Motivation theories
  • Situational leadership
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Working with self-directed working teams
  • What’s the difference between personal and positional power ?

How to manage diversity ?

  • What are some intercultural differences in communication ?
  • What are the four preferences in professional behaviour?

How to manage change ?

  • What are the six steps of a changing process ?
  • What are the six components required for successful implementation of change ?

How to manage polarity ?

  • What’s the difference between dilemma, polarity, problem and conflict ?

How to manage hierarchy ?

  • Is pass-over allowed ?

Exercices bases on real cases

duration 4 (non-consecutive) days


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sales skills
buying skills
telephone skills
communication skills
presentation skills
effective meetings
time management
team building
leadership and empowerment
change management
negotiating skills
complaint management
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