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negotiating skills
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objective   To improve negotiation skills
target group Sales persons, people managers, business managers, general managers, unions, politicians

What are basic negotiating attitudes?

What are the four basic principles in negotiation?

How can I offer a “Golden Bridge Exit” to the other negotiator?

How can I create a positive climate?

Where to sit? The best negotiating table? Moment?

Different kinds of power and how to handle them?

What are the negotiating steps?

Preparations before starting negotiation.

What kind of arguments can I use to convince?

Look for intermediate agreements.

Make look-alike concessions

Differentiate needs: essential versus accessory, emotional versus rational, exclusive versus excessive, personal versus business

How to handle resistance, blockades, timing, emotions, manipulation, politics, pressure, etc.

From compromise to win-win

Use the Batna at the end if blockades pop up

How to finalize and wrap up

Negotiating check list with plenty of cases

duration 2 days


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