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effective sales skills
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objective   To improve the selling knowledge and skills of B2B sales persons
target group Sales persons, purchasers who want to “hear the other story”
topics What are the 5 sales communication styles?

Assessment of my sales communication style

How do I react to the different buyer’s communication styles?

Which one is the best sales communication style?

What does the buyer’s body language tell me?

What are the right questions that I should ask in face to face communication?

What’s the difference between a problem and a need and how do I discover this?

Usage of the FFB-model in relation with the DMU criteria

How do I build a sales argumentation (sellogram)?

What is the essential of my draft and proposal?

Timing of price negotiations in the sales cycle

What are the price negotiating techniques?

What are the buying signals?

Closing techniques to get the order now

duration 2 days



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